Ebere Nwaobiakor

Early Life:

Ebere Nwaobiakor was born the fifth of eight children to the Obiakor family on April 7th, 1982.  He originates from a small town called Okwu Uratta in the northern part of Owerri located in Imo State, Nigeria. Ebere started and finished his elementary and secondary school education at Government Technical schools located in his home town.  After high school he went on to attain a degree in music from Alovan University.

Music Career:

The artist started his music career in 1995 at the tender age of 10.  Elders in his town would say that his musical talents were inherited, but then again music is what surrounds the town where Mr. Nwaobiakor is from.  The towns-people utilize music to tell stories of their past histories.  No wonder Mr. Nwaobiakor has such a wonderful talent! With great endeavor and the support of his family Ebere released his first album, Hunter Story, in December, 2009.  Hunter Story is an old towns’ tale about a hunter who goes to the forest and shots a spiritual Ngbada (spiritual animal), even after several warnings from the Ngbada not to do so.


Personal Life:

With all his fame and stardom, Ebere Nwaobiakor is currently single, searching for his better half. Is the relative of Patrick Nkwopara from umundula orji uratta.


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