Ogechi Obilonu

Early Life:

Ogechi Obionlu Onyewuenyi originates from a small town called Umuoma Nekede located in the western part of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. She was born the third of eight children on September 29th, 1978.


She completed her elementary school at Central Elementary School Nekede and attended Nekede Secondary School.

Music Career:

Before her entrance into the music industry, Ogechi was already a well known Nigerian actress staring in films such as Afi Fia Uguru in 1994, which featured the late Same Loco Efe.  Since her childhood she has always been a fan of music. In fact, she was a well known chorist in her town’s church in Nekede.  In 2008, Emma Ndubisi discovered her musical talents and advised her to take her to take it to the next level as a professional Bongo musician.  With the encouragement of her friends, Sunny Bobo (Old School) and Emma her producer, she released her first album called Bongo Carry Go.  This album was controversial all over Nigerian headlines because it talked about sex which is rarely seen or heard in any Nigerian music.  It even had parent advisory caution labels on the cover.  The album featured her, own comedic perspective on marriage, life and sex in the African society.  In August of 2011, she received an award for Excellent Performance by the Mothers at Ngokpala Anglican Church.  Ogechi plans to open a music production company called Nwanyi Owerri based in Owerri.  She hopes that through this company she can give women musicians the opportunity they deserve. Ogechi is currently married to Mr.Jude Onyewuenyi they are blessed with 1 baby girl. 

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